After doing some rebranding and coming up to launch of Chi Coaching, It felt time to re-introduce myself.

Hi There! I’m Jeremy Cole


While reflecting back on my life and seeing how I could use my own experience to serve others, I recognised my life had ultimately been about the transformation of Self.

I’ll admit at one point I had really gone into the darkness and my body, mind and spirit suffered for the unhealthy habits and approach to life.

I felt as though I took myself so far into unhealthiness that it must have been close to the point of no return.

That was a while ago now and ever since then I have been endeavoring to increase my health and wellbeing in holistic ways (Body, Mind and Spirit).

Of course that journey wasn’t straight forward and had plenty of trials and errors but what’s a journey without the challenge right?

In more recent years I’ve been working with people from all walks of life to heal them at various levels.

Lately I’ve been working with heart based entrepreneurs and those in the Service-to-Others (S2O) space to create more direction with their businesses.

Some of the areas I specialise include:

  • Self Work (Pattern Recognition, Self Acceptance/Worth/Growth)
  • Health & Nutrition (including exercise)
  • Meditation, Stillness, Acceptance
  • Habit Creation & Productivity
  • Lifestyle Strategy (creating the life you want)
  • Marketing & Tech Support for S2O Businesses

I’m currently adding further tools to my kit in the form of Yoga, Personal Training and NLP/NTT Practitioner Training.

If you haven’t already I suggest you check out the “People of The Path” page of my website where I share the people I have met on this path of becoming service to others and they have been selected to join me on
The Chi Podcast‘.

Be sure to keep an eye out as i’ll be sharing some really beneficial content and offers going forward you can follow me on instagramLinkedIn or facebook

I’m not taking clients just yet but always feel free to reach out to me to connect and i’m happy to point you towards the best solution for you whether thats a resource or a fellow coach.

Look forward to connecting with you. 

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