The Story of Chi Coaching

In the past, I relentlessly pushed myself, eventually leading to burnout. I tried to overcome it, but six months later, I took a grueling job at the mines that further damaged my well-being. Next, I joined a property development business, investing long hours but feeling unsupported. As the business crumbled, so did my health, pushing me into a full-blown burnout.

Desperate for solutions, I sought help from doctors and specialists but found no answers. As my health worsened, I turned to books on chronic fatigue and neurohealth, learning about pacing and energy conservation.

Running out of options, I sold my belongings and traveled to Southeast Asia. The change of scenery and opportunity for true rest began to heal me. During this time, I discovered Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and became deeply immersed in its teachings, applying them to my daily life.

My spiritual journey led me to Thailand, where I couchsurfed and lived with Buddhist nuns. As I delved deeper into spirituality, my health steadily improved. Realizing the value of my experiences, I decided to focus on helping others full-time.

Returning to Australia, I worked towards my goal of helping others by becoming qualified in Yoga, undertaking Personal Training study and Neuro Transformation Therapy. During this time I developed a passion for creating visual aids for self-development.

After years of having to do further inner work to overcome self-doubt and resistance, I now embrace my purpose: to help others rediscover their inner strength and energy.

Today, through Chi Coaching, I use the lessons from my personal struggles and triumphs to help others navigate the challenges of burnout. I employ a variety of techniques, including mindfulness, Neuro Transformation Therapy, spirituality, and self-care, to guide my clients toward restoring balance and vitality in their lives. Each day, I am grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside others on their journeys, empowering them to overcome burnout and embrace the fullness of their potential. With empathy and understanding, I continue to make a difference in the lives of those I serve, honoring my own path and the transformative power of Chi energy.