Numerology is a system that uses the numerical values of your birthdate and name to explore the characteristics of those numbers. I have found numerology to be beneficial in understanding the patterns in ones life. There is a full numbers… Read More »Numerology

Self Certainty

“The Knowing of Who We Are” Have you ever noticed how people with high levels of self-confidence are okay with trying things where they might look silly? You know when someone asks for a volunteer and it’s clearly going to… Read More »Self Certainty

Practice Certainty

“The Knowing of What You Can Do” Have you ever been consistently doing a practice? Cooking, Artwork, Exercise, Meditation, Yoga? Did you notice that after several months to years of focus you felt a sense of inner confidence that seemed… Read More »Practice Certainty



It’s time to talk about certainty again.   Certainty is a concept I am most fascinated by, it underpins so many aspects of our state. 👉 I’ve seen low certainty impact the mind as we age. 👉 I’ve felt certainty… Read More »Certainty

The Universal Laws

A few years ago when researching various spiritual, esoteric, universal principles I stumbled upon the “Universal Laws”. The most well known Universal Law is the “Law of Attraction”. What you may not be aware is that The Law of Attraction… Read More »The Universal Laws