Ways Chi Coaching Can Support You...

Help You Transform Your Life

Discovery Call

During this call you will get clarity on all aspects of your current situation and what is the best pathway forward. Think of it like getting a detailed report on your health & wellbeing
♦ Clarity on current situation
♦ Determine the next steps & path forward
1-1.5hr Session with Jeremy

Have A Transformational Experience

The Burnout Breakthrough Session

During this session you will breakthrough any limitations found during the discovery session. This is a great step towards getting back into balance.
✔ Reduce stress
Restore wellbeing
✔ Customized Strategies to manage Stress & Health
✔ Increased Self-awareness of patterns This would be ideal if your experiencing mild burnout and you want to reset and get back on path to where you want to be.
Meditation & Breathwork to acutely lower stress
Neuro Transformation Therapy to overcome limiting beliefs
Strategy Plan to help you move forward in the right direction

1.5-2.5 Hour Session

The 6 Week Burnout Breakthrough Program

This program has been designed to guide you out of burnout both gently and as efficiently as possible.
Creating a space for you to immediately reduce stress, plus ongoing methods to manage stress. Also Weekly Breakthrough sessions to ensure you resolve what contributed to your burnout.
Weekend Wellness Retreat
Weekly Meditation
Weekly Yoga
7x Breakthrough Sessions

Ideal if your burnout is getting to the point you can't manage it alone