Welcome to the People of The Path

This is an idea I have wanted to implement since starting the journey of being of service to others.

This is list of all the people I have met along my journey in the coaching space that I connected with who are serving others.

This is a way of me giving back and helping share their message, energy and offerings with the world.

Jackie G

Authentic Soul, Yoga Instructor, Dog Nutritionist

Featured on People of The Path - Episode #1 Jackie always brings the vibes.
She is currently offering Yoga, is able to help your dog with nutrition plans and is a Doterra rep.

Claudia Nobrega

Authenticity Coach

Claudia is one of the most consistently authentic souls I have come across.

Which makes sense why she became an Authenticity Coach.

See us connect on the Chi Podcast People of The Path - Episode #2


Empowerment Coach

Thea is a remarkable human who has overcome such challenges like a skydiving accident 😕
and is now supporting others with their recovery journeys

See us connect on the Chi Podcast: Jeremy & Théa

Damien Kelly

Life Coach with NTT

Damien has done some deep healing and self work that clearly shows in every interaction, he is a genuine person authentically committed to the path.

See us connect here for the first time:
The Chi Podcast | Damien Kelly & Jeremy C

Anna 🥦

Burnout Coach

I met Anna through Instagram while establishing my online presence.
We connected and shared thoughts on various things including Burnout and it was clear she has a very logical, open minded and grounded approach to how she helps her clients.

Episode #5 - People of The Path


Activate Holistic Healing

Xacaron and I met at a Breathwork circle where I feel we immediately recognised each others openness and connectedness. Xacaron is clearly someone on the Path and very much belongs in this section 🙂 See our podcast here at: Episode #6 - People of The Path, Xacaron