What Charitable Ventures does Chi Coaching support?

Chi Coaching started because I wanted to help others.
After an experience last year helping someone on the street, I realised I wanted to create my own charitable ventures to be more structured with how I help others.
You can hear that experience via The Chi Podcast, Episode #32 – Inner Wisdom || Energetics of Giving, Boundaries and Charity
So it’s my commitment for 30% of profits to go to charitable ventures.
Through helping those in the corporate sector manage their stress and overcome burnout, 30% will be kept in a pool that can be distributed in the following ways:
  • Conscious Wellbeing Centre
    Wellbeing Centre12.5%

    Bringing to life the vision of a Wellbeing Centre that combines co-working with hostel-like-accommodation in a facility that supports ones wellbeing. This would provide a space for people who want to help others and help them form a mastermind.
    It would also double as a space to run workshops and host retreats for the outside world.

  • Supporting Conscious Communities
    Supporting Heart Centred People10%

    This will be supporting those who are committed to Self Growth.
    While they have houses and aren’t in “dire situations”, support can get them into a better place to help others.
    (Many people in this category need support with their health) 

  • Gofundme pages
    Gofundme pages5%

    This is a good way to support the decentralised charity idea and have some positive effect on those who don’t have the resources to support themselves.

  • Food to those in need
    Food to those in need2.5%

    This is a way to share some positivity with those in unfortunate situations.
    While it may not make a long-term difference, it will give them a positive moment.
    (Further down the track there could be potential to support them in a more long term way)

You might notice I’m not saying “charity”…
While some charities absolutely do amazing work, there can be a heavy transactional cost of this model with administration and other costs consuming a high percentage.
This got me thinking about the concept of “decentralised charity” where each of us that can support others does so.
I often come across those who could benefit from support and it’s a part of my mission to help those in need that don’t have access to the resources needed to improve their situation.

I’ve structured this in a way that supports people at all levels, ranging from those with the resources (people working and experiencing burnout) all the way through to those who don’t have the resources to do so (people on the street for example).

I feel strongly about this process being transparent.

I will be showing amounts given to these causes and capturing the process to show exactly how the money is spent.

By doing this I think it will create more awareness for the causes, also allowing clients to experience their contribution and become a part of the process of helping others.