Quick Strategies for Healthier Eating

1) Meal Prep

We all hear about meal prep and see weeks worth of food being made at once, but really even making 4 meals at once is a good place to start.

Here’s a quick low resistance go-to:

Sweet Potato, Salad (rocket, cucumber, carrot, tomato, fetta), Avocado, Protein (Chicken, Salmon, Kangaroo), Olive Oil + Healthy Dressings (mustard, hot sauce, etc)

2) Drink Water First Thing

Drinking water is a tricky thing to increase, but i’ve found drinking 500ml first thing upon waking is much easier to do and your body utilises it much better.

Many don’t realise but increasing your water intake to the appropriate amount can have such a beneficial effect on your wellbeing and health.

If you are drinking less than 1.5L per day then you definitely need to increase your water intake.

FYI – Too much water is a thing so don’t force it to much (5L per day can be too much for example).

3) Add Sprouts

Sprouts are a quick way to add a high “ORAC” food to your diet.

Read here on why high ORAC foods are beneficial here.

Add Alfalfa Sprouts like these to your meal prep above or any salad.

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