Discover What coaching is about

Coaching by my own definition is someone that helps you move from where you are, to where you want to be, by using their own experience and wisdom from already having completed that journey themselves.

Jeremy Cole


WHAT to look for in a coach

There are many different types of coaches now becoming available now.

In the past coaching was primarily a sports associated term, it progressed to business and now it is something that exploded into every area imaginable.

With that growth comes a requirement to be ever discerning with who you trust to coach you.

There are some red flags to look out for:

❌ They push hard on sales call and you feel pressured to engage them

❌ It doesn’t feel like they really understand where you are at

❌ They don’t tailor the program specifically for you

❌ You feel like your being pushed through a process towards the sale

❌ It’s unclear who they serve and what they do

(Note: Of course you could still find a coach that does these things and gets you amazing results, but in general they are red flags)

As well as some green ticks to look for also:

✅ They are determined to find the right solution for you, not just their own

✅ It feels like they truly want to help you

✅ They provide you with value before you even become a client

✅ They allow you to make your own decision

✅ They are an expert in the field you need help in

✅ They have already done what you are looking to do

(Note: Again this doesn’t mean you are still guaranteed a perfect coaching experience, but it will help you be more aligned to their services)


WHAT type of coach are you?

My chosen area to help people with is “Self Work” with a particular focus on Spiritual Health.

I feel it’s important to optimise the Body, Mind and Spirit when improving oneself.

Self work really covers quite a span but the following areas are central:

Self Growth
Self Mastery
Self Worth
Self Expression
Self Acceptance
Pattern Creation/Dissolution

Foundational Health: Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, Elements)

Why did you begin offering coaching?

I decided to offering coaching as I spent years climbing out of the holes I had dug myself into. 
I realised that during this process I had added many pieces to my toolkit and that experience would be valuable to others.

I am a big believer in helping those earlier in the journey than yourself and also learning from those ahead of you too!
If we all shared the learning from our self growth then it would allow us to progress much more efficiently and also save unnecessary repeating of experiences.


Start Your Journey to Finding Your Flow Here

You can book a time to chat with me where we look at where you are at, where you want to go and what the best solutions could be for you.

This is a time to discover how we connect with each other.
Coaching is a very personal experience and it’s important that we both feel it is the right fit.
I encourage you to be in your power here and determine if it is feels aligned.