Each month I create at least one workshop, webinar or event to share wisdom and help those in my sphere level up.

Upcoming Events

Meditation Group

Meditation Group: A regular meditation group where I can hold space and share the techniques that have helped me still my mind and access deeper states of being. This will be held in Adelaide, South Australia.
This will be offered free of charge, just bring your presence 🙂

Stillness Retreats: These will be retreats where you can come to gain some peace and stillness in your life. 

A more in depth experience to learn about meditative practices, connecting with nature, and healthy eating.
Offered in a way where you can enjoy this space and find ways to integrate this into your life.

If you are interested in attending please use the form below 👇

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Webinars Planned

(Webinars will be coming in late March)


Past Events

In January I launched my first course with live training “Raise Your Vibe”.

As it turned out this was a better 1:1 setting and I plan to turn this into a self paced course soon 🙂

Have a watch of the video below if you want to learn what this was about.

More info about the Raise Your Vibe course here

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