Success Matrix

My personal methodology for success
→ Stress
→ Wellbeing
→ Productivity

Self Certainty

“The Knowing of Who We Are” Have you ever noticed how people with high levels of self-confidence are okay with trying things where they might look silly? You know when someone asks for a volunteer and it’s clearly going to… Read More »Self Certainty

Practice Certainty

“The Knowing of What You Can Do” Have you ever been consistently doing a practice? Cooking, Artwork, Exercise, Meditation, Yoga? Did you notice that after several months to years of focus you felt a sense of inner confidence that seemed… Read More »Practice Certainty



It’s time to talk about certainty again.   Certainty is a concept I am most fascinated by, it underpins so many aspects of our state. 👉 I’ve seen low certainty impact the mind as we age. 👉 I’ve felt certainty… Read More »Certainty


Most of us have heard the word momentum, perhaps even referenced it ourselves. Usually we think of momentum in terms of a project we’re undertaking, but rarely do we consider it a force that is with us at all times.… Read More »Momentum