Numerology is a system that uses the numerical values of your birthdate and name to explore the characteristics of those numbers.

I have found numerology to be beneficial in understanding the patterns in ones life.

There is a full numbers chart that is created from these two pieces of information with ones “Life Path Number” being at the core.

I have found numerology to be helpful in giving us insight to our innate characteristics, life challenges/lessons, desires, gifts, career path and cycles of life.

If we think about it, what is the two most important pieces of information associated with our identity? Our full name and birth date.

Have you ever noticed how people with shared names have a shared aura “He’s such a James”.
Arguably due in part to social psychology, but I would say that the name carries a certain vibration. A 3 in this example.

Our birthdate equals a vibration too. This is called the Life Path Number.
There is a specific challenge associated with each number.

(It is my belief) When we incarnate we choose a number that equates to the highest expansion of our Self. We choose a lesson that is what we are least comfortable with.

For example someone incarnating as a Life Path 3 would be working on self expression and communication.

To find out what Life Path you are plus other core aspects i’ve linked one of the more user-friendly assessments below (no affiliation).

Numerology Assessment 

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