I was writing an article for a magazine relating to vibration.

This was a piece of creative writing that flowed from that space.

The Nature of Energy

The term vibration gets thrown around a lot in the metaphysical and spiritual communities these days…


But what exactly do we mean?


First let’s take a look at some energy basics.


Everything is energy.

Energy can be measured.

Energy contains information.

→ It uses vibration to exchange information.

→ These vibrations can be seen as wave forms.

→ Waves are measured in frequency (light and sound).

→ The further apart, the lower the frequency. The closer together, the higher the frequency.


If these vibrations of energy are consistent they produce rhythms and patterns.

We can think of this as how our Universe was created, through rhythms and patterns.


Now before you think that existence is a cold and sterile scientific collection of vibrations and wave forms, consider that there has to be something behind the scenes, a certain magic creating these vibrations….an Intelligence.


If I were energy with intelligence, it would be my desire to evolve myself.

Expand my Self, refine my Self and harmonise my Self.

If energy can be measured and heard as a sound, then perhaps this desire comes from wanting to harmonise the sound that is being produced.

If I were energy with intelligence, the most effective way to do this would be to break the task up into sections and delegate the intensive work down the line.

Projecting out into infinite points of focus that could all expand themselves, refine themselves, increase their resonance.

And if you think about it, that’s what we each are doing throughout our life.

We go through traumatic events that we grow from (expand) where we expand our zone of experience, we then heal and integrate those lessons (refine & harmonise), finally we share the resulting wisdom with others (increase resonance).

Perhaps we are intelligent infinity ourselves?

If I were intelligent energy, it would be my desire to evolve myself.

I believe we are in a universe that prioritises growth.

If I started out as a small sphere of love and light, I would want to expand and grow therefore experiencing even more love.

As energy contains information, this would be natural if energy were intelligent that it would want to increase the quantity and quality of this information.

Energy can be measured as sound and light. Therefore this energy would emit a sound.

It stands to reason that by evolving itself it would increase the quality of this sound.

As everything contains consciousness this energy would be pure consciousness.

While on a quantum level it would be seen as energy with frequency and resonance…
As intelligence it would experience itself, as a Self.

I imagine this energy to be radiating pure love/light energy.

It is completely at one with its Self.

If you could imagine this self as pure being energy, yet it desires to evolve itself.

The way to evolve itself is through experience… experiencing itself.

But what does one do if it desires to experience itself?

With infinite intelligence one could fragment itself into infinite points of focus…giving each point a fraction of its infinite intelligence.

Breathing life out into them, creating matter and form for them to inhabit.

Giving them individual expression separate from itself but still inherently a part of itself.

As infinite intelligence we could set principles and rules to have these fractions of ourselves go through the process of expansion, refinement, increasing resonance.

We could create a game where each of these fractions of individual expression experience separateness and duality.

Where they have forgotten they come from the intelligent infinity of love/light.

Where they see themselves as separate from each other and act with self interest and individual expression.

Sometimes you can know how you would like to act in a scenario, but ultimately you don’t actually know until you’re in the experience.

Over time these fragments would experience all the possibilities of what there is to experience (ups and downs, every direction, every emotion, every perspective, positive/negative, life/death, happy/sad, fear/love) then eventually it would come time to reintegrate what had been experienced.

After all the whole purpose of this experiment was to see what would happen, to experience ourselves, to increase our vibration, to expand our Self. To understand ourselves.

Due to this intent being infinite intelligence we would have woven into the governing principles that eventually all things return to one.

Expansion reaches its optimal point, at which point this is a moment and then the contraction occurs. Breath out…and breath in.

We would need the individual fragments of our focus to begin unifying.

From the lower levels the mass of experience and resulting wisdom being assimilated and channeled upwards.

Like a quantum pyramid scheme if you would…

It would seem self development is woven into the very nature of our existence.

While the intelligence of infinite energy desires expansion, refinement, resonance.

We experience this in our own way, through experience, trauma, healing and sharing/helping.

We expand our comfort zones, we heal the trauma, we help others from our experience.

Yet even despite this there still seems to be a mystery to life, a certain pervading feeling of spirituality.

Something that makes this process feel alive and rich with experience…exciting.


Perhaps a part of the excitement is that this game that we have created for ourselves comes with risk, The risk that we will never return to our self.


The game is surely never more high stakes than right now with our opportunities for distraction at every corner and entertainment threatening to ensnare our focus from our selves.

Vices keeping our state lowered (and less expanded).

Perhaps the game we are playing now is the choice between short term pleasure and perpetual joy.

If only we could take our focus off what’s trying to get our attention and look within at what’s been there all along, our inner being, our Self.

Experiencing its Self.

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