How I Learnt This…

I first lost my health at age 19, I was still functioning but in poor condition body, mind, spirit.

It was self inflicted, a combination of substances, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

From there I decided I had to reverse the damage I had created.

After going as far away from health as I could physically handle, it was time to become as healthy as I possibly could.

It’s been over a decade since then.

In that time I have run myself to the ground countless times over, but each time I get up, a little wiser, a little more determined.

It’s been a tough road but I wouldn’t change it.

Here are some things I have learnt while walking this path…

11 Things Exercise Has Taught Me About Success

1) The Start Isn’t Always Easy

The adaption phase is usually uncomfortable, and you don’t want to do it.

When you’ve broken through to the practice stage, you don’t want to stop it.

You’re leaving the comfort zone and homeostasis is trying to pull you back to what you’ve been doing for the longest time.

✓ Drop the expectation of immediate results.
✓ Focus on discipline.
✓ Learn to enjoy the process.
✓ Learn to enjoy pushing yourself and experiencing growth.

2) Build Your Foundation First

Initially it’s the fundamentals that will deliver the biggest results.

Whether it’s learning the essential compound movements at the gym, the basics of healthy eating or making offers and working with clients, know the basics and focus on them until you have mastered them.

The problem is they aren’t fancy, they are sexy and they don’t promise quick results.

They require focus, discipline and consistency.

Identify what are the keystone elements to your journey and make mastering them a priority.

✓ Focus on the basics

3) Consistency Is Key

When you are trying to gain muscle, you can’t lift a weight once and expect to see results.

Similarly you can’t put out one post and expect an audience or a client.

Results don’t show up immediately, results come from repeat focused action.

✓ Focus on your keystone actions and be consistent.

4) Patience My Friend

Following on from number 3, without patience and following the process you won’t get results.

A lack of patience in the gym might cause you to stop, or seek unhealthy shortcuts like steroids.

The success equivalent is buying followers, using unethical tactics and even misplaced coaching.

Misplaced coaching? When you hire a coach in the hopes they will magically fix all your issues.

Seeking coaching as a shortcut when you aren’t yet committed to the process (due to lack of patience).

✓ Be focused on the process, not the outcome

5) Get Help From An Expert

An expert compared to you that is.

An inexperienced gym goer will find value from anyone that can give them direction and increase their certainty in what they are doing.

At this stage a gym buddy is sufficient.

An experienced gym goer can benefit from a personal trainer/coach to check their form, remove the mental effort of decision making and share their knowledge/wisdom.

When you don’t have an understanding of what will deliver the most efficient results, then it’s wise to bring in someone who does.

✓ Use an outside influence to give your direction and guide you.

✓ Engage those that have walked the same path you are about to

(The person seeking guidance realises the expect can’t make them walk, they are simply there to encourage, support and guide them)

6) Know Your Capacity

If you had never been to the gym and you attempted lifting 2x your body weight, it’s clearly unrealistic.

When it comes to mental activities however we often try to lift 3x our weight, mentally.

Maybe you decided you will produce 5 web articles, an eBook, an eCourse and build a social media presence this week

If you had never written a web article, written an eBook, created an eCourse or built an online presence you are going to find that unrealistic.

Often our willingness overrides the judgement of our capacity.

This ties back to number 4, Patience my friend.

Start from where you are.

7) Don’t Rely On Highly Marketed Products For Results

In the gym world selling supplements is a multi billion dollar industry.

They infer amazing results are highly marketed and highly expensive.

Sure some are proven to work but they often only equate to 10-15% difference in results (provided your doing all the basics).

They can be beneficial to keep you motivated.

However you’re paying a premium for something you can achieve with focus and discipline.

If you rely highly marketed products you may get added results, but it isn’t the most efficient use of your money.

Tony Robbins seminars are a prime example, I love Tony don’t get me wrong but there are people who have been attending his seminars for 20 years.

This is the issue if you rely on a highly marketed product for your results, while it’s there you are inspired and motivated, and when it isn’t…you aren’t.

Now let’s balance this out…

The people who have been doing all the basics consistently, they will get massive benefits.

There’s people who have been to one Tony Robbins seminar and had life changing breakthroughs.

The difference is someone who has done the work already, and someone who is wanting shortcut results.

✓ Do the groundwork before spending big dollars

✓ Learn the basics so you can comprehend the advanced stuff

8) Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

When you compare yourself to others, it either inflates or deflates the ego.

A deflation might cause you to lose patience and become unmotivated.

An inflation might cause you to become arrogant and stop progressing due to feeling accomplished.

Appreciate others and learning from them is the key

✓ Compare yourself to who you were last week

✓ Focus on your own progress

9) Recovery Is A Part Of Growth

In the world of exercise, a lack of focus on recovery will stall results or lead to burnout.

When we are engaging in mentally intensive tasks, it’s crucial to integrate knowledge.

If we continually consume content and gain knowledge without applying it, we can run into overwhelm and uncertainty.

If you focus on hustle and grinding without taking time to regenerate your energy you’ll experience diminishing results or run into burnout.

If you don’t keep your cup full then you won’t be in the game long enough to achieve results…or enjoy them.

✓ Learn to push your boundaries and capacity, not break them.

✓ Integrate your gains before attempting to progress

If you feel yourself coming up to your edge of capacity, you would do well to prioritise recovery.

The longer you push beyond your capacity, the longer it will take to recover.

10) Sustainability Is More Important Than Progress

Flowing on from the previous point, sustainability is key!

We want you on the journey long into the future.

True success comes from longterm progress over short term results.

In the gym a focus on progress over sustainability usually results in injury or unhealthy practices – This usually results in one stopping.

On a success journey, this can manifest as inconsistent results, overworking or burnout.

✓ Slow and steady wins the race

✓ Focus on making consistent results that are leading to where you want to go

✓ Success is a long game

11) Be The Beginner

Yoga teaches you to be a beginner in every moment.

If you treat everything as a beginner, you will progress further than those who assume they know it all.

When you are open to learning, you might just gain wisdom…and at the very least, patience 😆

Even when approaching something you have done, it’s an opportunity to revisit it and get a differing perspective.

Are you wanting to grow or strengthen your ego?

✓ Be open to teachings from each moment

✓ Never say “I know that”

I hope you enjoyed, resonated and even learnt from this article.

If you are on a health or success journey I’d love to hear from you!

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JC ❤️
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