Success Strategy

On your Success Journey, more often than not taking action will be key.

At the same time, that action needs to be pointed in the right direction. If you “Prepare the Path” you can be certain your actions are taking you where you want to go.

This article came off the back of an instagram post I created about strategies for success.

This Success Strategy is about “Preparing the Path”.

β†’ Clear blocks β†’ Determine the Way Forward β†’ Understand The Path β†’ Gain Support

Clear Blocks

This can be either psychological, physical or mental.

Psychological might manifest as unhealthy beliefs, attitudes or perspectives that don’t serve you.

Physical might be stagnant energy within your body or clutter around your house.

Mental is a task or action you haven’t taken.

It’s that one thing you keep thing you “have to do” and it blocks your vision for the rest of the path.


On my Success Journey, this was Podcasting.

When thinking about the path to an online presence, I kept being drawn to podcasting but not taking action on it.

All that time spent thinking how I should be doing it.

When I could have been…doing it.

I think it’s important we take some action before planning otherwise we can find ourselves low in momentum and low in certainty which causes us to be indecisive.

Determine the Path Forward

After you get things out the way and your head clear, it’s time to use that momentum to do determine your path forward from there.

You work out:

β†’ Where you want to go (destination)

β†’ Where your starting from (position)

β†’ What path will take you there (the path)

β†’ Your Direction

β†’ The Next Step

(It’s important to focus on the direction and next step when you are taking action from here)

Destination is a goal, something tangible that indicates when you arrive.

Position is what you are achieving right now consistently.

The Path is what actions you will take to reach your destination

Direction is your intent, something that gives your journey purpose and refocuses you when needed

The Next Step is…you guessed it. The next action you will need to take to make progress in the right direction, towards your destination.


The Path could be simple:

Destination = Changing the life of 100,000 people in Australia by 2025

Position = Changed the life of 10 people in Australia currently.

The Path = Wisdom sharing and teaching.

Direction = Help increase the awareness and consciousness of people in Australia.

The Next Step = Create consistent posts on social media

This gives you basic clarity of your vision and a sense of certainty.

You could take action from here and as long as you keep focused on your Direction and continually take (and reassess) the next step, you will make progress towards your Destination.

Understanding the Path

Β The previous step might have you making adequate progress for a while.

However there will come a time when resistance will build and challenges will emerge on your journey.

Additionally if you are more of a planner then this step will be extra beneficial.

I think it’s always wise to have a rough understanding of the journey ahead, that way you can plan for obstacles and take advantage of shortcuts.

Β I offer a service called “The Journey Blueprint” where we look at what you are trying to achieve and make a detailed strategy presented a visual plan to create clarity for you.

However I’m all about giving you the tools to do it yourself so here is the framework:

β†’ Position & Destination

β†’ The Path & Direction

β†’ The Next Step

β†’ The Shortcuts & Obstacles

β†’ The Viewpoints

β†’ The Milestones

β†’ The Toolkit & Support required

Position, Destination, Path, Direction and Next Step have all been described above.

Shortcuts is what will speed up your journey

Obstacles are what will slow you down

Viewpoints are what you want to experience along the way

Milestones are points of reference that will indicate progression (plus you can celebrate)

Toolkit is what will be needed along the way

Support is what will keep you committed, accountable and guided

They are all pretty self explanatory but the perfectionist in me can’t hold back.

Let’s say the journey is to become an online coach;

Shortcuts = Online course

Obstacles = Uncertainty, Not getting clients, etc

Viewpoints = Having your own business, freedom and flexibility

Milestones = Enrolling in course, having an online presence, having framework established, Getting first client

Toolkit = $5000, Determination, Consistency, Adaptability, Clarity, Momentum

Support = Friends, Family, Peers, Community, Mentoring, Coaching

The whole point of this stage is to have you aware and prepared.

If you come up against resistance you are prepared for, you will be able to move through it much smoother.

When it’s unexpected it takes more energy to navigate.


Support is essential to keeping your journey moving.

It doesn’t always have to be external support, although I have found benefit in community.

You can support yourself by creating regular intentions and goals with subsequent reflections on how you went achieving them.

I have a calendar i’ve created to help you stay on track with this, check out my resource page for a trial run at my Performance Calendar Template.

Once you have worked out what support you need, create the framework to keep you on track.

Do you need to check in with your self daily, weekly, monthly to stay pointed in the right direction.

There is of course benefit that someone external can offer by giving you their outside perspective and sharing their energy/momentum when yours is low.

Self can provide direction and refocusing

Friends can provide a good boost to morale and encouragement by believing in you

Family can provide emotional support and nurturing

Peers can provide insights and strategies within your field

Webinars can offer inspiration and useful knowledge

Workshops can provide relevant techniques to advance your journey.

Community can share inspiration of striving for a common goal

Online course can provide framework to help you navigate the path

Group Coaching with the benefits of community plus a structure framework and additional support.

1 on 1 Coaching/Mentoring You can borrow their ‘Understanding of The Path’ while getting tailored support to your individual needs.

Determine what your needs for support are and find a type of support that willΒ  help you stay committed!


About the Writer

I’m JC and I created Chi Coaching to help increase the quality of life of those I come into contact with.

It’s my mission to develop self awareness and help as many people become their best Self.

I believe by developing and nurturing our Self (through supporting the Body, Mind and Spirit),
we can live a full life of authenticity while working towards our own unique expression of greatness.

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