“The Knowing of Who We Are”

Have you ever noticed how people with high levels of self-confidence are okay with trying things where they might look silly?

You know when someone asks for a volunteer and it’s clearly going to be uncomfortable?

It’s usually the person who doesn’t care if they look stupid in front of everyone that is summoned forward.

In other words, their high certainty of Self allows them to participate in low certainty activities.

Why is that?

When we are certain of our Self, we feel comfortable enough with our Self that we can allow ourselves to be uncomfortable in what we do.

Lasting Confidence comes from knowing your Self (and your self/worth) is not linked to that which you do.

Temporary confidence comes from what you do.

False confidence comes from what you have.

When you link your self identity to who you are at your depth then that can never be taken away from you (unlike job title, possessions, relationships, etc).

How Can I Know My Self?

To know the Self there are many layers we can become aware of:

★ Self Image – How we view ourselves
★ Behaviour – What we do
★ Personality – Our outer appearance and behaviours (eg; outgoing, funny, energetic)
★ Characteristics – Our traits based on inner values and beliefs (eg; altruistic, honest, caring)
★ Patterns – What conditioning we have adopted
★ Attitudes – How we think/feel about something
★ Preferences – What we prefer to experience
★ Boundaries – What we can and can’t accept for ourself
★ Beliefs – What we think is true
★ Values  – What we feel is important to us
★ Perspectives – How we view the world
★ Shadow/Light Self – What we are capable of and how we choose to act
★ Masculine/Feminine energies – The balance of power and love
★ Our Nature – How our energy wants to flow

Did that get a bit intense? Let’s bring it back to Self Certainty… When we know ourselves at a deeper level, then we aren’t afraid to look foolish at a superficial level. We know that what we do, isn’t who we are. We even know that what we think or how we behave in a moment, isn’t who we are. And even still these knowings of self fall short of the complete truth.
Even all the above elements are only superficial layers, perhaps closer to the truth than the car you drive or the job you’re in.

The real Self is the depth of being within all of us. It’s the same in you, as it is in I.

The rest is just a cloak of disguise we are wearing to create individual expression that gives us the illusion of separateness…albeit a very real illusion.

As far as who we are:
→ Our behaviour is true for the moment
→ Our personality is true for a stage
→ Our characteristics are true for a lifetime
→ Our nature is true for our self
→ Our inner depth of being is true.

As usual the more detailed we make something the less truth is contains. Our inner depth of being is a simple truth that we can all connect to.

How To Connect?

If you want to connect to this depth of being, you can simply move your awareness into your inner state of being.

I’ve recorded a meditation track for people with fast paced mind below 👇

If you prefer a guided meditation with a calmer tone – check this one out

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