Your Health Journey


Early on in your health journey you will benefit from addressing the 3 foundations:

👉 Diet
👉 Movement
👉 Sleep

No need to get complex about this at this stage.

Diet → Eat a balanced diet

★ Minimise processed foods (sugar, pastries, fried foods, etc)
★ Maximise whole foods (vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, grains, meats).

The key is to think ahead and have a plan.

☑️ Prepare for obstacles
☑️ Map out a way forward
☑️ Be prepared for some discomfort

The discomfort will be temporary, think of it like paying for it now to enjoy freedom later.

Movement → Move your body regularly

★ Aim to move your body several times a day
★ Don’t completely unwind until bedtime

Obviously work your way up to an active lifestyle.

Have the intent to become active, and do what is achievable in the short term.

If you even do 75% of what’s possible then you’re doing great.

Mantra: “Some is better than none”

The key is to take small consistent action when possible

☑️ Realise where your at
☑️ Be realistic about what’s achievable
☑️ Listen to your body

Don’t focus on the external, focus on how you feel internally.

Sleep → Set yourself up for a good sleep

★ Create an evening routine that promotes quality sleep
★ Follow a morning routine that gets your day started right

A lot of people will jump straight to supplements for sleep, and they can be useful…AS A SUPPLEMENT!

The key here is to prioritise sleep over short term gratification (phone, social media, tv, etc)

☑️ Cultivate discipline
☑️ Realise that without quality sleep your health is on the line
☑️ What you do before bed, impacts sleep greatly.

Focus on good sleep, life feels a lot better!

Implementing these changes

My philosophy at Chi Coaching is to give you to the knowledge in the most concise way possible.

I want to give you the best chance to implement this on your own.

Adaption to new habits requires a lot of energy, so start slow and make small changes.

You can approach this from a few angles:

👉 Choose the area you feel most motivated to address first. That will feel easier.

👉 Choose the area you need to address the most. That will provide the quickest results.

👉 Pick one change to make from each area and implement that each week.

It’s difficult to give a generic advice on this as everyone will be at a slightly different stage of their journey.

I do want to stress “take it slow, focus on slow incremental changes”

Lock in those changes, then focus on the next challenge!

 Further Support

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