In my own pursuit of quality refreshing sleep I tried everything! Ranging from pharmaceutical, medicinal, treatments to routines.

That was before I found out I had sleep apnea and no matter what I took/did I wouldn’t have achieved restful sleep.

I’m hugely grateful for sleep apnea because it gave me the motivation I needed to really develop some strong health habits.

So you could say sleep is pretty near and dear to me.

In my years of trial and error I have developed some principles and ways of optimising sleep.

1️⃣ Establish a consistent sleep window
9:30pm to 5:30am

《《 Did you know 》》
Most people experience their first sleep wave around 9-10pm.

If you miss it, cortisol elevates causing a release of energy (2nd wind) and you may find yourself awake until 12-1am, or your sleep quality will decrease.

2️⃣ Create a healthy evening routine leading upto bed
▪︎No work or stimulating activity after 8pm

▪︎No tech 1 hour (minimum) before bed, instead try listening to nature sounds and doing stretching, yin yoga, meditation
▪︎Hot Epsom salt bath
▪︎Review day/preview day ahead
▪︎Read a book until ready to sleep

Note: Why TV in the hours before bed isn’t a optimal…
When you spend more than 30 mins watching television, your momentum slows down and your body thinks you are going to sleep.

This can significantly reduce your sleep quality when you do go to bed later.

3️⃣ Environment and other tips
▪︎Reduce any source of light 😉
▪︎Temperature around 23°c
▪︎Cold shower or hot bath before bed can help depending on climate and body temp
▪︎Create a peaceful environment where you can be in your own energy
▪︎Use your body enough during the day so that it requires rest

↘️ Supplements
▪︎Zinc and Magnesium – promotes deeper sleep especially if weight training
Don’t exceed 50mg zinc per day!
▪︎Melatonin – helpful if circadian rhythm is dysfunctional.
Some experts suggest lower dosages (300mcg +/-) however most supplements are 1-5mg.
▪︎Passionflower tea – some studies show it has a beneficial effect on sleep plus a warming drink before bed can help






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