Well here’s to the last sunrise I will see from this minesite 🙌 


So I’ve come to the realisation that the mining experience wasn’t helping me reach my authentic self.


My heart wasn’t in it and my mind wasn’t in it.

I didn’t have full attention in what I was doing. 


This led to consistent mistakes resulting in uncertainty and high levels of stress. 


It was time to follow the heart and give focus/attention to what really matters to me; 

☆ health and wellbeing

☆ helping others

☆ sharing my experience via content (articles, videos, ebook).


Knowing what I wanted, I considered the different approaches for exiting the workplace:

▪︎ getting fired

▪︎ going on break and not coming back

▪︎ not going into work for the remaining few days

▪︎ informing coworkers before leaving


In the end I decided to do it with integrity and finish my days, giving it my best performance and sharing that I was leaving with coworkers (as it naturally came up).


I’ll be honest, I was a bit hesitant to share that I was leaving to focus on such left-field of mining pursuits.

Nonetheless I found myself sharing that my current highest values are; purpose, meaning and communication, which are not being supported by the mining environment. 

Sharing that my heart hasnt been in it, so my mind hasn’t been either. 

Leading me to not bring forth the best version of myself – taking me away from where I want to be.


It was relieving to finally speak my truth and be open.


Even though its an uncommon reason to leave mining, everyone I shared this with was very supportive.

Perhaps they could see how I felt about what I was saying, seeing my energy shift, my eyes brighten, and my energy change…seeing me being authentic.

…And perhaps a little because they saw how I was struggling leading up to this moment 😅


This left me feeling empowered that I had realised what my heart wanted, and I had listened.


By acting on that intuition and following the path of the heart I was feeling energised.


Ironically I became more relaxed in my final days at work and performed much better.


On the final day as I was feeling quite excited to be taking the first steps onto the path, an interesting situation occurred highlighting how fate works:


A bunch of guys went to the pub the previous night and got in trouble.

16 people ended up losing their jobs, all given a “window seat” that day.


As I sat there with them, all of us flying out never to return.

Their mood sullen and down, mine upbeat and inspired.


It made me realise how fate could have had me leaving the mine site either way…

(I nearly went to the pub but decided not to 😇)


One way I would choose and be empowered by, that would set the tone for the path I would be on. 


The other, life would have decided for me and I would have been left feeling disempowered from.


By listening to the heart, I was able to say farewells to people in a positive manner and feel supported on the path I have chosen to take. 


If I had not, I would have leaving on a negative note and those conversations of me following the heart would have never been had. 


I guess the biggest lesson here is that fate may exist and some things are inevitable, however our choices determine HOW fate plays out.


You can let Life choose for you, but then you have to settle for what you get. 

If you choose what you want from Life, then your the only thing stopping you from it is your belief that it can happen (within reason).


A lot of people like to mention how we don’t really have free will…

This situation above shows that they are both correct and incorrect. 

If something is meant to happen, it will. 

How it happens and how you feel about it is within your control.

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