The initial hour of waking up if the most integral to setting the stage for a productive day.

Likewise the first 5 minutes of waking sets the stage for the next hour.

And the first 5 seconds sets the stage for the next 5 minutes.

I have spoken about my concept of momentum and my intention to cultivate a state which I believe allows for sustainable productivity throughout the day.

This focus on momentum has lead me to developing the following routines:

Wake Up Routine 

➡️ First time you wake up, open your eyes straight away.
➡️ Hydrate | Drink 500ml of water – Also wakes you up.
➡️ Get out of bed and make bed.
➡️ Move your body | Go for a 5 min walk, do yoga or running.

Momentum Routine

▶️ Direction Planning
▶️ Calendar Setting
▶️ Spatial Awareness

Direction Planning: Make a list of all your tasks, their duration, certainty, date opened, date due, date closed

Calendar Setting: Transfer your tasks into your calendar and plan your day

Spatial Awareness: Follow my technique for being aware of your space and kick starting your momentum for the day  Youtube video here.


After incorporating these strategies into my day, a basic morning would look something like this:


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