Foreword from author: I like to use some new age spiritual words like chakra, aura and vibration not because i’m a part of that scene, but because I find the concepts they represent quite useful.

It’s my perspective that we have 3 main areas that we should give our focus to: Mind, Body, Spirit.

Improving the condition of each of these areas allows for the most healthiest life we can have.

Each of these areas flow into one another and if we allow one aspect to become poorly maintained then it will affect the other aspects as well as the overall contentment in our life.

For example if we allow our physical condition to deteriorate; opting for processed foods, sedentary lifestyle and toxic substances to enter our body that will also have a negative effect on our mind and spirit.

I would intuit that this is due to our aura being affected which is the combined energy field of these three planes.

Perhaps you have heard of the word vibration and how it is suggested we should raise our vibration?

The size and strength of our aura is determined by the frequency of our vibration.

Our vibration is determined by the condition of our Mind, Body and Spirit.

The health of the mind is determined by the perspectives, beliefs, values one holds.
A leaning towards unity indicates health and a leaning towards separation indicates an unhealthy mind.

The condition of the body is determined by its ability to hold energy and have it flow through.
A body that is flexible, strong and enduring indicates such ability to hold energy and have it flow freely.

The health of our spirit is determined by our state reached (see below).


How to Diagnose the condition of each aspect

Mind – The Mind either controls you or is controlled by you.
If you constantly have thoughts arise that judge, attack, compare, become offended etc then your mind controls you.
If you can shut the stream of thoughts off at will, then you control your mind.
Test: Close your eyes and watch your mind as if from behind yourself, watch to see what your next thought is. If you can watch your mind and find peace, you control your mind.
If you find this boring and impossible to enjoy, your mind controls you.

Body – Its ability to hold energy and the free flow of this energy (chi).
A body that is healthy, with good blood flow, abundant nutrients, and high amounts of oxygen will be able to hold more energy.
A body that is flexible, strong and fit will have a greater flow of energy.
Test: Do a yoga class and gauge your level of physical condition, if it is extremely difficult maybe its times to improve its condition.

Spirit – A connection with the inner stillness.

Do you feel connected to the world and Universe knowing that you are a part of it just as it is a part of you?The stillness within you is connected to the stillness throughout the world.

Test: Focus on your breathing and bring your awareness deep into your inner being. If you can connect with your breath and it is enjoyable then you are connected to spirit.
If not perhaps it is time to focus on increasing your connection.

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